Thank you for choosing Minilec for your pager Repair

Please read these instructions before sending in your pager.

  1. Prepare the pager for shipment
  2. Before sending pager remove the battery, battery cover (if removable), and any other accessories (holster, etc.) and keep them. Wrap the pager in a suitably protective enclosure such as a small box or a well padded envelope. Minilec is not repsonsible for any damage that may occur when your pager is shipped in.

  3. Click on the link at the bottom of this page to show the repair form. Please print the form and and fill it out.

  4. Send your payment and the completed form with the pager.
  5. The overwhelming majority of units which we see with bad displays are caused by some type of Physical Damage, our policy requires that a check for the out of warranty repair amount be sent in with your pager as well as the proof of purchase. If it is determined that your display problem is a covered warranty issue, your check will be returned with the pager.

    The price for the repair of various pagers are shown on the chart below.

    Numeric $28.00
    Alphanumeric $45.00
    Keynote $65.00
    Talkabout 2-Way $67.50
    PageWriter 2-Way $174.50
    Timeport 2-Way $174.50
    AlphaMate $100.00

    This price will cover most repairs required to the unit. If there is major physical damage, you may be given the opportunity to have the pager repaired or returned. Any pager, which is not repaired for any reason, will be charged a $10.00 inspection and handling fee.

    If you wish to have case parts replaced please inducate on repair form. The price ranges from $10.00 for Alpha and numeric product to $40.00 for 2-way profuct

    Shipping,handling and insurance cost will be $9.75 and $1.50 for each additional unit

    Prices are subject to change without notice.


  6. Ship your pager to:
  7. Minilec Service, LLC.
    9207 Deering Ave., Ste. A
    Chatsworth, CA 91311

    Any unit which we receive without payment for repair will be returned immediately via UPS/ground service unrepaired.

    We recommend you use a carrier with tracking capability such as UPS, Federal Express, etc. and insure the package. In most cases your pager will be serviced within five business days after it arrives here at Minilec. It will then be shipped back to you via ground delivery. Express service is available for an additional charge. Call our Customer Service number listed below for Express service details.

If your pager is deemed unrepairable, there will be a $10.00 handling charge for your pager.

Display the Repair Form

For addition information, you may contact our Customer Service (818)773-6300 ext 314.

For volume pricing please call (818)-773-6300 ext 314.

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